Chicago Cubs' New Manager Is Rick Renteria

The Chicago Cubs have replaced former manager and Milwaukee Brewer hitting coach Dale Sveum with the bench coach of the San Diego Padres, Rick Renteria. The Padres hit .245 as a team in 2013, with no player hitting better than .300. Team ERA was 3.98. The Padres had a 76-86 record in 2013 and finished 16 games behind the Dodgers.

In short, Renteria has experience with a team like the Chicago Cubs but it is not clear that he has the ability to make such a team better. Frankly, I am disappointed by this hire and don't see this as an improvement over the previous manager. The Theo Epstein era in Chicago, and with it the fate of the Cubs, has taken a huge step backwards in my opinion. Not impressed.

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By Frank McPherson, Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 2:32 PM. When in doubt, blog.