Fantasy Football Week 1

It has been a bit hectic lately, so I haven't had a chance to write a follow up about my fantasy football draft. To recap, I picked 10th in our ten team league, snake draft. I picked:

  • Alfred Morris

  • LeSean McCoy

  • Colin Kaepernick

  • Giovani Bernard

  • Vincent Jackson

  • Tony Gonzalez

  • Justin Tucker

  • the Bears defence & special teams

  • Key players on my bench are:

    • Joe Flacco

    • Anquan Boldin

    • Jermichael Finely

I won my first game 115-82.3 thanks to big games from Kaepernick and McCoy and a decent game from Jackson. My score would have been larger if I started Boldin over Jackson.

For week 2 I am sticking with the same lineup. Kaepernick may have a touch game as he goes against Seattle, but that is why I am keeping Boldin on the bench. I am hoping that Alfred Morris has a better game in week 2.

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